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Learn AI in AEC in 2024 online Course.

Feeling a bit lost in the AI revolution in AEC? It's not surprising, given the rapid pace of change and the hype surrounding the topic.

Wondering what to learn, which tools to look at, what AI actually is, and how it can help us design faster and better buildings as AEC professionals?

Join the AI in AEC learning community and get access to all courses for as low as $25 / month (⚠️ price will raise every month, so join early :).

Sébastien Lucas - Your guide to AI in AEC

I am a French Architect & developer passionate about the revolution of AI applied to Architecture & Construction.

I can help you double your productivity while designing better projects leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Agility in your organization.

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Do you give consulting on AI in AEC?

If you have specific needs and want to go fast with AI, I can definitely give you some insight and help you jump start with AI in AEC and ChatGPT for Architecture.